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Board of Selectmen
Monday, June 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM
Community Hall Annex
June 10, 2013
Community Hall Annex
6:00 pm

Opening of Meeting by Chairman:

Sign Treasury Warrant #25 and payrolls.

Acceptance of meeting minutes.                          


    1) Sign transfers      (6/10/2013 revision)
   2) Feasibility Study for Hubbardston & Rutland shared DPW Director (Draft)   (6/10/2013 revision)


  • Fire Chief’s six-month review
  • Alarm protocol
       -     Public Safety Building shortfall transfers   (6/7 revision)
  • Appoint Kelly Briggs as Recreation Director

  • Reappointments
  • Liaisons
  • Resignation from Richard Liebman
     -      Sign transfers for Dispatch   (6/10/2013 revision)

                         -    Finalize Treasurer/Collector search committee, establish schedule and first meeting date

                 -   Finalize and sign 6/27/13 STM warrant   (6/7 revision)

                          -    Discuss and Sign Hold Harmless agreement with Lighthouse   (6/7 revision)

                           --   Update on IT RFP   (6/10/2013 revision)



received TC office
6/5/2013   4:45 pm
revised 6/6/2013
                                                                                                                      revised 6/7/2013
                                                                                                                    revised 6/10/2013

Committee / Board Member Reappointments – June 10, 2013

Jacqueline I. O’Brien                   Adm. Asst. to BOS
Nancy M. Macaruso                       Secretary to BOS
Mark Moisio                             Constable
Richard E. Salls                        Constable
Ralph H. Anderson                       Constable
Gary Kellaher                           DPW Superintendent
Donald Haapakoski                       Keeper of the Lock-Up
Nicholas A. Monaco                      Sergeant
Ronald C. Friberg                       Sergeant
Robert J. Marino                        Sergeant
Chris P. Giglio                 Full-time police officer
Thomas J. Downey                        Full-time police officer  
Troy J. Chauvin                 Full-time police officer   
Travis W. McCauley                      Full-time police officer  
Diane Herzig                            Full-time police officer
John J. Foster                          Part-time police officer
Christopher M. Bailey                   Part-time police officer
Brendan P. McShea                       Part-time police officer
John Songy                              Part-time police officer
Mai Grover                              Part-time police officer
Michael Tarckini                        Part-time police officer
Kelly A. Cappucci                       Police & Fire secretary
Deacon Brian Stidsen                    Chaplain
Joan L. Viner                           Matron
Michelle Jones                              Matron
Chris Giglio                            Arms Officer
Laura Pease                             Animal Control Officer
Brian J. Eovacious                      Assistant Animal Control Officer
Leroy C. Clark                  Animal Inspector
Laura Pease                             Assistant Animal Inspector
Phyllis Charter                 Dispatcher
Tyler Russell                           Dispatcher
James Gagne                             Dispatcher
Michelle Jones                  Dispatcher
Cindy Tamkus                            Dispatcher
Michael Moriarty                        Dispatcher
Michael Tarckini                        Dispatcher
Katie McKeon                            Dispatcher
Sean Bohdiewicz                 Dispatcher
Matthew Seymour                 Dispatcher
Brenda Ahearn                   Dispatcher
Patrick Sullivan                        Dispatcher
Bradley Weber                   Director of Emergency Management
Mark A. Briand                  Asst. Director of Emergency Management
Joseph R. Cavan                 Asst. Director of Emergency Management
Richard L. Travers                      Building Inspector / Commissioner
William Cassanelli                      Alternate Building Inspector
James Smith                             Plumbing Inspector
Byron Carpenter                 Alternate Plumbing Inspector
James Smith                             Inspector of Gas Piping & Gas Fixtures
Thomas Monfreda                 Alternate Gas Inspector
Lester J. Grace                 Inspector of Wires
Richard Gaffney                 Alternate Inspector of Wires
David M. Burroughs                      Alternate Inspector of Wires
Peter Rock                              Veterans’ Agent & Dir. of Veterans’ Services
William P. Narcisi                      Veterans’ Graves Officer
Cranston & Cranston, P.C.               Town Counsel
Kopelman & Paige, P.C.          Labor Counsel
Scanlon & Associates, LLC               Town Accountant
Jacqueline I. O’Brien                   Asst. Town Accountant
Richard Surrette                        ZBA
Arthur Wells                            Associate ZBA
Edward R. Seidler                       Sealer of Weights and Measures
Shawn Moore                             ConCom
Jennifer Schmohl                        ConCom
Richard Travers                 504 Coordinator
Dale Snyder                             Cultural Council
Sharon Berndt                           Rep. to Elderbus
Sharon Berndt                           COA Director
Carol M. Boucher                        COA Outreach Worker
Carol M. Boucher                        Rep. to Elder Services
Rose Ann Ferrandino                     COA
John F. Byron                           Memorial Day Committee
William P. Narcisi                      Memorial Day Committee
Thomas P. Ruchala                       Memorial Day Committee
William Bailey                  Memorial Day Committee
Philip Cannell                          Memorial Day Committee
Karen Greenwood                 July 4th Committee
John Scannell                           July 4th Committee
Janet Barakian                          July 4th Committee
Janeth Williams                 July 4th Committee
Mark Campbell                   July 4th Committee
James Provencher                        July 4th Committee
Barbara Campbell                        July 4th Committee
Lynne Amsden                    July 4th Committee
Jon Koblich                             July 4th Committee
John Fitzgerald                 July 4th Committee
Thomas Martinelli                       July 4th Committee
Cynthia Purcell                 July 4th Committee
Deborah Frost                           July 4th Committee
Chris Senecal                           RDIC
Edward Bracebridge                      Historical Commission
Justin Bassett                          Health Insurance Adv. Committee
Thomas Downey                   Health Insurance Adv. Committee
Janet Barakian                          Health Insurance Adv. Committee
Sally M. Hayden                 Health Insurance Adv. Committee
Neil Viner                              Health Insurance Adv. Committee
Kerry Remington                 Health Insurance Adv. Committee
Phyllis Chartier                        Health Insurance Adv. Committee
Barbara Sbrogna                 Healthcare Benefits Consultant
Addison Redfield                        Central Mass Reg. Planning Comm. (alternate)
Richard L. Travers                      Field Driver & Fence Viewer
Paul Mattson                            Cable Adv. Committee
Addison Redfield                        Cable Adv. Committee
Kathy Clark                             Cable Adv. Committee
Brenda Savoie                           Cable Adv. Committee
Raymond Becker                  Cable Adv. Committee
Sally M. Hayden                 Municipal Hearings Officer
Sally M. Hayden                 Clerk – Election Officer
Anita Carlson                           Warden – Election Officer
Sean Miller                             Warden – Election Officer
Kenneth Lowe                            Ballot Box Inspector
Sharon Bracebridge                      Inspector
Barbara Campbell                        Inspector
Ruth J. Lowe                            Board of Registrars (April appt.)
Kathy Clark                             Ag Commission
Kate Gervais                            Ag Commission Alt.
Brian Stidsen                           Ag Commission Alt.  
Donna Kirkpatrick                       Ag Commission Alt.
Gary Kellaher                           Stormwater Adv. Committee
Harry Sechman                   Capital Improvement Planning Committee
Ramey Erickson                  Capital Improvement Planning Committee
Sally M. Hayden                 Liaison to the Ethics Commission
Sheila H. Dibb                  Rep. to Wachusett Earthday
Michael Pantos                                    Rep to Worcester Regional Transit Authority

Board / Committee Vacancies

Transportation Planning & Advisory Committee (1)
Bay Path Building Committee Member (1)
Historical Commission (2)
Central Mass Recovery Committee (1)
Measurer of Wood & Bark / Surveyor of Lumber (1)
Rep. to Central Mass Regional Planning Comm. (1)

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