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July 9, 2012
Board of Selectmen
July 9, 2012
Community Hall Annex
6:00 pm

Present:  Leroy C. Clark, Chairman; Peter Letsky, Vice Chairman; Michael Pantos, Clerk; Joseph R. Becker; Sheila H. Dibb and Nancy M. Macaruso, Secretary.
Mr. Letsky moved to sign Treasury warrants #27, #1 and payrolls.  Mr. Becker seconded.  Vote unanimous.

Mr. Letsky moved to accept the minutes from June 25, 2012 as presented.  Mr. Pantos seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Mr. Letsky moved to accept the executive session minutes from June 25, 2012 as presented.  Mr. Becker seconded.  Vote unanimous.

New water tank is in use – old one is empty and rehab has begun.  Mandatory water ban from DEP going into effect.  Chapter 90 bill has been signed.  The superintendent was asked not to apply for any project reimbursement at this time.  Today’s electricity rates for 1, 2 & 3 years are .06394 from Constellation; no response from Hampshire.  Mr. Kellaher is recommending the Board hold off a little longer.  Superintendent Kellaher presented some quotes on above-ground fuel tanks (new and used) – some discussion; will go out for formal bid.  Transfers:  Mr. Letsky moved transfer $1,200 from Acct. # 001-421-5200 to Acct. # 001-422-5530 for labor expense of paving road from CTMS to RHH.  Ms. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Mr. Letsky moved to transfer $589 from Acct. # 001-421-5200 to Acct. # 001-424-5200 to cover a shortfall of funds.  Ms. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Mr. Kellaher announced public thank yous to John & Karen Fitzgerald for their help cleaning Memorial Field after the fireworks; to Mike Caruso, Caruso Paving, for the paving job on the access road from RHH to CTMS and to Ed Bracebridge for the donation of a tree in front of the Annex.

Goals & objectives – Mr. Kellaher stated that while looking through the prior paperwork, he has accomplished most everything on the list.  The Board is extremely pleased with the job Mr. Kellaher is doing especially with the many constraints he is working with.  The ball field and connector road were above and beyond regular operation.  He is working with other towns in a collaborative effort regarding materials and equipment.  The teamwork between staff, management and other departments is very good.  Mr. Kellaher stated that everyone chips in and gets the job done.  The Board thanked Mr. Kellaher for the great job he and his department are doing.  Will add goals for next 12 months to the August 6th agenda.

Mr. Kellaher informed the Board that Transportation Bond Bill 4145 was applied for late.  He submitted the proper paperwork and Rep. Ferguson’s aide told him that he spoke to someone in the town offices who stated that Rutland had no projects.  Mr. Kellaher asked to be the main contact in the future and to keep Rutland on the list.

The chief announced that he has been awarded some grants; also that some were not awarded.  Regarding the traffic pattern on the access road from CTMS to RHH, the police chief is recommending that all school bus & truck traffic be directed to enter from Rte. 122A and exit the school grounds by the access road, then onto Maple Avenue between the hours of 6 am – 9:30 am and 2 pm – 4 pm during the school year; automobiles may continue to enter and exit of Rte. 122A.  Line painting is needed along with signage.  Mr. Clark will contact Mr. Dufault to make sure everyone is in agreement with the steps taken toward opening the road.  Letter will be drafted to school department informing of the traffic pattern.  Mr. Pantos moved to accept the Chief’s recommendation per his memo with a change (from 6 am to 9:30 am instead of 9 am).  Mr. Letsky seconded.  Vote unanimous.  DPW will coincide the speed limit flashers with the new road recommendations.

Police DepartmentTransfers:  Ms. Dibb moved to transfer $1,342.08 from Acct. # 001-210-5130 to Acct. # 001-210-5120; $1171.17 from 001-292-5110 to 001-210-5120; $1,300 from 001-292-5120 to 001-210-5120; $678 from 001-210-5700 to 001-210-5120; $1,497 from 001-210-5400 to 001-210-5120.  Mr. Letsky seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Public Safety Transfers:  Mr. Letsky moved to transfer $296 from Acct. # 220-5112 to Acct. # 192-5200-005 and $784.06 from 222-5120 to 192-5200-005.  Ms. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.

Mr. Becker moved to approve the wage certification for two full-time dispatchers, Tyler Russell and James Gagne at OAD, Grade 3, Step 1 $16.13 an hour, $24.195 OT.  Ms. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.

PILOT check from Devereux received for $19,760.00 to support the police department.  Some discussion - in past years it was applied to the general fund, however, this year the check was made out to the police department gift account and will leave approximately a $12,000 shortfall in the general fund receipts.

Goals & objectives:  Personnel are working more as a team; self assessment mode is now moving to certification mode.  Still applying for grants; Facebook page is up.  Barre dispatch merger is finalized.  Advanced accident team is being formed.  Training programs are going very well.  The Board is very pleased with the Chief’s work and the visibility in the community.  Mr. Becker likes that the chief brings all his needs forth even if he knows they won’t be met.  Mr. Becker also asked the Chief to try and keep aware of unanticipated shortfalls.  Mr. Becker thanked the Chief for his support and management during the fire chief transition and overall, everything seems to be on target.

Acting Chief Knipe stated that after four interviews for the full-time Firefighter/paramedic position, Robert Connor was offered the job contingent upon passing his pre-employment physical and HRD PAT within 6 months.  Will have one-year probation and orientation will begin soon.  July 23, 2012 start date and will bring forth for introduction to Board.

6:45 – Public hearing:  Scott Leonard for a wine and malt package store license at 26 Pommogussett Road, Rutland Marketplace (formerly Bushnell’s).  Hoping to open mid-September to early October.  Mr. Leonard gave the Board a brief description of what his operation will entail.  Mr. Letsky moved to approve the wine & malt package store license and to forward to the ABCC for approval.  Mr. Becker seconded.  Vote unanimous.

7:00 – Public hearing:  Scott Leonard for a Common Victualler’s License at 26 Pommogussett Road, Rutland Marketplace (formerly Bushnell’s).  Mr. Letsky moved to approve the Common Victualler’s license.  Ms. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.

7:15 – Public hearing:  Dangerous dog hearing for “Toby” owned by Christian & Jennifer Collard of 233 Maple Avenue that bit Cheryl Cleary of 6 Carlson’s Way.  Laura Pease, Animal Control Officer, read her statement regarding the incident.  After a lengthy discussion, orders (attached) that were recommended by Laura Pease were placed on the dog – a letter will be sent to the owners.

Dick Williams informed the Board that Mr. Mann was upset that he was not notified about discussion that was had at a recent BOS meeting regarding the possibility of a sewer treatment plant being located on his property.  Mr. Becker stated that Weston & Sampson had only identified certain parcels in town that may have the potential to accommodate a sewer treatment plant, not that any decisions were made.

Mr. Letsky moved to appoint Norman Anderson to the Solar Negotiating Team.  Ms. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.  
Mr. Letsky moved to ratify the recommendation of Randy Thomas to the Finance Committee.  Ms. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Will check with the Town Clerk’s office on the resignation of Carl Bindoo.
Mr. Becker suggested inviting Sally Hayden, Treasurer/Collector, to the next meeting to discuss selling tax liens.  Deb Kristoff from the Finance Committee will also be included.  Mr. Becker will contact Dee Malone from Paxton.
Mr. Becker informed the Board that he was contacted by a TV show called “Today in America” hosted by Terry Bradshaw about running a five-minute segment on great places to live and/or towns with tremendous growth and Rutland was selected to participate.  While speaking with a producer, Mr. Becker was informed that there would be a charge of $19,800 to the Town for licensing rights, etc.  He will contact the producer to let him know that Rutland cannot afford the fee.

Discussion on sewer transportation charges.  Mr. Becker feels that a sit down meeting with board representation from the multiple towns involved would be very beneficial.  He would like to know what exactly is factored into the rate.  Mr. Kellaher suggested the Board put any action on hold until after the litigation in September.  Mr. Becker to draft a letter with Mr. Kellaher to the towns involved.
Juniper Farms ice cream truck has been issued a cease and desist order from the Board of Health.
Treasure Valley has been invited to the solar meeting this Wednesday.
Ms. Dibb commended all departments and committees for the fine job they did during the July 4th activities.  300th anniversary is next year.

Mr. Letsky moved to adjourn.  Mr. Pantos seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy M. Macaruso, Secretary
Board of Selectmen

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