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June 27, 2011
Board of Selectmen
June 27, 2011
Community Hall Annex
6:00 pm

Present:  Joseph R. Becker, Chairman, Michael S. Pantos, Vice-Chairman, Leroy C. Clark, Sheila H. Dibb, Peter Letsky, Clerk and Nancy M. Macaruso, secretary.   

Chairman Becker opened the meeting at 6:08 pm.

Mr. Clark moved to sign Treasury warrant #26 and payroll.  Mrs. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.

Mr. Clark moved to accept the meeting minutes from May 31, 2011 as presented.  Mr. Pantos seconded.  Mr. Becker, Mr. Clark and Mr. Pantos aye, Mr. Letsky and Mrs. Dibb abstained.

Animal Control By-Law submitted to Board for review.  Mrs. Dibb had questions about the fees and penalties as well as the leash law and the non-criminal disposition.  Mr. Becker feels that it would be a good idea to have the by-law sub-committee review it as well.  Mr. Pantos moved to forward the animal control by-law to the by-law subcommittee for review.  Mrs. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Officer McCauley will be attending the Boylston academy; graduation December 16th.
Mrs. Dibb moved to sign an intradepartmental transfer for uniforms $1,954, fuel $1,800, cruiser repairs $300 from 210-5700.  Mr. Pantos seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Click It or Ticket campaign was relatively quiet.  One pylon was stolen from the crosswalk on Main Street.

Per Chief Ruchala, Mr. Newcomb’s paperwork from the Retirement Board has been submitted to Disability and the chief will post the position (June 18th last payroll).
MIIA paperwork pertaining to 111F submitted to Board stating that their decision was reversed.
Mr. Becker updated the Board that Chairman Dennehy in Princeton agreed to talk to Princeton Public Safety Committee to explore regionalized dispatch.  Chief Ruchala will forward to them the necessary information.  
Mr. Pantos questioned the Chief on insurance quotes – Chief has one from VFIS and is waiting on another.  Some discussion on coverage.

DPW:  Superintendent Kellaher was on vacation this week.  Chairman Becker stated that transfers totaling $3,000 for street lighting has been signed by the Finance Committee.  Mr. Pantos moved to sign the transfer.  Mr. Clark seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Date for DPW goals and objectives set for July 11th and we will let Mr. Kellaher know.

Dog hearing scheduled for this evening has been rescheduled to July 18th at 6:30 pm due to Mr. Fox’s work schedule.  Will notify Mr. Fox.
Mike Sullivan came before the Board with an update from RDIC on RHH.  Some discussion on the street lights being on in the evening.  Last action item before town takes ownership is almost complete.  Mr. Becker informed that work on the connecting road between CTMS & RHH property will begin again in the Fall per DPW Superintendent.  Will add subject matter to next agenda when Mr. Kellaher is present.
Mr. Sullivan also brought forward a proposed town-by law addition (three drafts attached) specifically regarding the placement of permanent structures on town-owned property.  Lengthy discussion on cell tower placement in town.  He feels the Board should ask for townspeople’s input on anything being put on town property (he referred to the Master Plan regarding the town center).  

Karen Goolsky, Recreation and Katelyn Wojnarowicz, Safe Place came before the Board to discuss the retaining wall at the town pool as well as additional hours for Katelyn.  Some discussion on the wall, but without the presence of the DPW Superintendent, nothing can be resolved tonight. Will add to next agenda and the area will be cordoned off for the present time.  Mrs. Wojnarowicz stated that her duties and responsibilities have increased due to changes in state regulations.  No information was available on what the additional costs (health insurance, retirement, etc.) would be so this will be added to the next meeting agenda after they obtain information on breakdown of costs.

Memo from Building Inspector requesting permission to issue a permit for a communication tower to be located behind the public safety building, a fee waiver for the tower and a fee waiver for the Naquag Greenhouse project.  Mr. Clark moved to issue the tower permit.  Mr. Letsky seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Regarding the fee waiver, Mr. Clark moved to waive the fee of $1,095.  Mr. Letsky seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Mrs. Dibb moved to waive the fee for Naquag Greenhouse project up to $50.  Mr. Letsky seconded.  Vote 4-1 with Mr. Clark abstaining.  

Selectmen reappointments for FY 2012 were read individually (see attached) by Mrs. Dibb.  Addison Redfield was added as the alternate to CMRPC; Travis McCauley mistakenly listed as part-time, should be full-time; Chief Ruchala added Joe R. Cavan to the list as Assistant Director of Emergency Management; Kristi Evans as Chairman of Agricultural Commission with Deb Tourtellotte as the alternate.  Mr. Letsky seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Mr. Clark abstained from the vote for Animal Inspector and the Cable Advisory Committee.  Mr. Becker acknowledged and thanked Mr. Walker for all his years of dedicated service – Mr. Walker is retiring as the plumbing/gas inspector on June 30, 2011.  Harry Johnson who has been a member from 1974 to the present time, will now be an honorary member of the Conservation Commission.  Mr. Becker announced the many vacancies on various boards and committees.
Departmental Liaisons:  Mr. Becker asked Board members to fill out their preferences and return them to him and will be added to next agenda.
Certification of payroll and salaries for FY 2012:  Mr. Pantos moved to approve as presented.  Mr. Clark seconded.  Vote unanimous.
The Chairman asked all Board members to add their vacations to the board in the Selectmen’s office.
Regarding the Naquag Green Repair Project, Mr. Becker stated that there is a discrepancy in the numbers and will not be ready for signature tonight – will add to next agenda.
Joint letter with Greenways and DCR will be sent to businesses affected by the road closing on Route 56.  Mr. Pantos moved to authorize Mr. Becker’s signature.  Mr. Letsky seconded.  Vote 4-1 with Mr. Clark opposed.
An ad will be placed in the “Landmark” to thank businesses for their cooperation during the road closure.  Mr. Pantos moved to support the ad campaign.  Mr. Clark seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Mr. Letsky will be responsible for placing a public service announcement in local newspapers and also for an announcement for the Jordan Levy program.  Mr. Clark moved to authorize Mr. Letsky to take charge of the public service announcements and press release.  Mr. Pantos seconded.  Vote unanimous.

Mr. Clark would like to discuss school building maintenance for Rutland schools as he was unaware of recent leaks at Glenwood Elementary.  He feels WRSD needs to keep the town informed of any problems and would like to have a quarterly repair schedule submitted to the town.  Lengthy discussion.  Mr. Becker would like to see a list of what has been done in the town’s schools over the last 1-2 years and will contact the district for that report.

Tomorrow, June 28th meeting has been scheduled for goals and objectives for fire chief and police chief.
Wednesday, June 29th meeting will be held to review the sign by-law with the subcommittee.

Mrs. Dibb moved to adjourn.  Mr. Pantos seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy M. Macaruso, Secretary
Board of Selectmen

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