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December 9, 2010

Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
December 9, 2010
Town Hall Annex

Present: Leroy Clark, Joseph Becker, Cherilyn Bulger, Sheila Dibb
Absent: Mike Pantos

Chairman Dibb introduced two recommended appointees to the Cultural Commission, Jane Fitzgerald and Kathy Carville. Mr. Becker made a motion to appoint Jane Fitzgerald and Kathy Carville to the Cultural Commission, Ms. Bulger seconded, vote unanimous

Discussion regarding the previously discussed Special Town Meeting on January 18, 2011. Mrs. Dibb made note that it may be beneficial to hold the STM at the Naquag School since the main reason for the meeting has to do with renovations to that building. There was agreement that this was a good idea. Mr. Becker made a motion to set a Special Town Meeting for January 18, 2011 at the Naquag Elementary School at 630pm with the warrant to open on December 10, 2010 and to close on December 20, 2010. Ms Bulger seconded, vote unanimous.

Ms. Bulger made a motion to sign a drafted letter to Dr. Pandicio indicating the Boards’ agreement to hiring a single OPM for the Green School repair project at the Naquag School. Mr. Clark seconded, vote unanimous.

Lengthy discussion was held regarding the funding options for the Naquag renovations. Mr. Becker let the board know he spoke with Peter Brennan on December 1, 2010. Based on that conversation he felt the Town could appropriate the Nanquag repair feasibility study dollars at the January STM and hold off on appropriating the construction costs until the Annual Town Meeting in May at which point, more fine tuned construction cost numbers would be available. Mr. Becker also raised a proposal about how the Glenwood School Capital Fund could be utilized. He suggested seeking special legislation to allow the use of the balance of the capital fund over the next three fiscal years in order to pay the debt service related to the non debt excluded portion of the Glenwood School project as well as the related land purchase. This annual debt is approximately $195,000.00. He suggested seeking a debt exclusion for the construction costs for the Naquag School Green repairs. There was further discussion on whether to use some of the Glenwood Capital fund to replenish Stabilization Fund balance and further discussion whether it should be used to pay for the Naquag repairs. It was agreed to hold off on this decision until a later date when the January 2011 warrant needs to be set.

A memo from DPW Superintendant Kellaher was discussed RE: the Olsen water bill abatement request. A meeting between a water meter consultant (Stephen Brewer), Mr. Kellaher and the Olsens is being set up for December 16th. Mr. Clark will attend and Mr. Becker will tentatively attend the meeting depending on the time.

The Building Department was invited into the meeting. Mr. Travers, Mr. Walker and Mr. Grace joined. Mrs. Dibb explained that the Board wanted to meet with them to discuss how to move forward now that Harry Johnson has announced that he is retiring at the end of 2010. Mr. Becker apologized for the lack of communication surrounding the idea brought forward in June, 2010 regarding regionalizing the building inspector position. He clarified that the idea brought forward was to explore options on how to regionalize the management/oversight functions related to the building inspector, but never was regionalizing the plumbing, electrical or gas inspector positions discussed by the Board. Mr. Walker announced that he will be leaving his position at the end of his appointment on June 30, 2011. He stated he made this decision because of the uncertainty of the future of his position because of the regionalization talks and because he no longer wants to deal with the on-going education and training related to his inspection duties. There was further conversation regarding regionalization and the options that have been explored over the last five months including the talks Mr. Becker has had with the Town of Holden.

Mrs. Dibb asked Mr. Travers whether he was willing and able to assume the full duties of the building inspector on an acting basis after Harry Johnson leaves. Rick indicated that he was. Mr. Grace commented that the department under Rick would be very professional and managed well. Mr. Travers commented that he felt the department can operate well with a secretary and a cell phone along with him doing his duties after his daytime job.

Mr. Travers questioned how he would be paid because he feels his duties, phone call volumes and number of inspections would increase and stated his alternate pay would not be adequate. Discussion took place that the plan would be to make Rick ‘Acting Building Inspector” and a compensation hourly rate will be developed. Mr. Becker agreed to develop this rate. Mr. Travers agreed to supply the board with his estimated required hours per week. The Board agreed to determine Mr. Johnson’s last physical day on the job and then will plan to appoint Mr. Travers to align with that date.

Mr. Walker pointed out an issue he said he has raised with prior Boards: A big issue the department faces is people not pulling permits. He suggested that for plumbing permits, the board adopt policies to force people to pull permits or be faced with court action. Mr. Walker agreed to supply the Board with further details on what policy options we have.

Development of Police Chief Goals and Objectives. See attached goals and objectives discussed and developed by the Board. The Board will plan to meet with the Chief in the near future to further discuss and finalize the drafted objectives.

Executive session: Board did not enter executive session because the memo to be discussed was not available for the meeting.

Ms. Bulger made a motion to adjourn, Mr. Clark seconded, vote unanimous.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joseph Becker

Board of Selectmen

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