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Board of Selectmen
December 7, 2009
Community Hall Annex
6:00 pm

Present:  Leroy C. Clark – Chairman, Joseph R. Becker, Sheila H. Dibb, Cherilyn A. Bulger was absent.
Also present:  Gary Kellaher - DPW Superintendent, Hillary from Weston & Sampson, and Town Counsel Paul Cranston.

Sewer Regulations:
Section 3.4 – Discussion of follow-up items from October 26, 2009 meeting.  Discussion of periodic checking Title V if public sewer passes the property.  General feeling is that this is not necessary.
Section 5.2 – Hillary and Paul to discuss to be sure the proper laws are referenced.  Add a preamble stating any regulation that is prevailing.
Section 7.6.3 – Hillary stated that typically O& M manuals are published after the pump station is constructed.  Alternative suggestion from Hillary is to add a clause that changes cannot be made without review and consent of the superintendent.  
Action:  Change 7.6.3 back to “completion of construction”.
Action:  Hillary to check subdivision regulations of where to place the clause.  If no better location is found, can add to 5.2.
Section 5.24 – Add the date the trench law was enacted.
Section 7.2 & 7.3 – Add back in both – Hillary to check to be sure it’s not duplicated somewhere (also found in definitions section).  Hillary feels it is important enough to have it duplicated.

Pump stations:  Discussion of pump station additional cost for O & M.  Amend Financial Security Provisions to make accounts owned by the town vs. the developer and payable in full up front prior to acceptance of the pump station.  Discussion of whether acceptance of pump station should be tied to acceptance of the road / entire substation.  Discussion of requiring full review of the functioning / engineering of the station prior to acceptance.
Section 12.2 – Hillary – add a surcharge to the bill to collect violations under 12.2.
Action:  Paul to reword to include notification process & protocol for charging a surcharge - to include timeline for correcting issue, notification and payment due.

Attachment A – Decision to leave as is.

Attachment B – Hillary suggests we leave flexibility – at the discretion of the superintendent.

Section 7.6.1 – Hillary to make sure MA licensed engineers be referenced where appropriate
Action:  Items to be completed by January 11, 2010.  Next follow-up BOS meeting on January 19, 2010.

Winter Maintenace Discussion of unaccepted roads.  Review and discussion of drafted memo from Gary Kellaher.  Mr. Kellaher is seeking approval of the memo in concept and once concept is approved, Paul Cranston and he would draft the letter to be sent to the developers.
Discussion about making the issue a non-burden to residents.
Final letter to be prepared and reviewed for December 14, 2009 meeting.

Mrs. Dibb moved to enter into executive session for reason #3 only to return to open session for adjournment.  Mr. Becker seconded.  Dibb yea, Becker yea, Clark yea.

Mr. Becker moved to adjourn.  Mrs. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Meeting adjourned at 9:36 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph R. Becker

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