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Board of Selectmen
November 12, 2009
Community Hall Annex – 6:30 pm

Present:  Leroy C. Clark – Chairman, Joseph R. Becker – Clerk, Sheila H. Dibb arrived at 6:40 pm and Nancy M. Macaruso – Secretary.  Cherilyn A. Bulger was absent.

Chairman Clark opened the meeting at 6:40 pm.  The interim clerical position for the Police Department was discussed.  Mrs. Dibb would like to wait until the Police Chief returns before addressing.  Chief Ruchala stated that all immediate concerns were taken care of in the absence of the Police Chief and the police secretary.  His secretary put in a couple of extra hours taking care of the police business this past week.  Sergeant Friberg has been in charge of day to day operations in the Chief’s absence.  Mr. Becker stated that he would like to reach out to the Police Chief tomorrow to ascertain his status.  If he will not be returning on Monday, he should officially let the Selectmen know who is in charge and answer any questions pertaining to the clerical issue.

Chairman Clark read a letter from the Board of Health being sent through school system to all parents stating that an H1N1 clinic will be held at Naquag Elementary School on December 1 – 3, 2009 from 5 – 9 pm for Rutland residents only.  Follow-up clinic for required booster vaccinations to be held Saturday, January 2, 2010 from 10 am – 1 pm.  Chief Ruchala will be attending a meeting on November 17, 2009 for further details.

WRSD Assessment – Mr.  Becker explained that a special town meeting needs to be set as soon as possible and a warrant prepared with some flexibility in order to comply with the Chapter 71 cuts.  Lengthy discussion on article content.  Meeting will most likely be set for December 2nd or 3rd at Glenwood Elementary (Naquag is unavailable).  Mrs. Dibb is against asking departments to make additional cuts mid-year.  Chairman Clark would like to invite the Wachusett representatives to Monday’s BOS meeting.

Mrs. Dibb moved to send a strongly worded letter to Governor Patrick’s administration regarding the Chapter 71 cuts.  Mr. Becker seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Mrs. Dibb will draft the letter.

Norm Anderson, Planning Board, informed the Board that their computer is non-functional and was looking for direction to ascertain another one.  Mr. Becker will contact Horace Moody.

Mrs. Dibb moved to adjourn.  Mr. Becker seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy M. Macaruso, Secretary
Board of Selectmen

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