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Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
August 10, 2009
Town Hall Annex

Present: Joseph Becker, Cherilyn Bulger, Sheila Dibb

Absent: Skip Clark

Ms. Bulger opened the meeting at 6:00PM.

Mrs. Dibb moved to sign warrant #3. Mr. Becker seconded. Motion unanimously passed.

Mr. Becker moved to accept the minutes from July 6, 2009. Mrs. Dibb seconded. Motion unanimously passed.

Mr. Becker moved to accept the minutes from July 13, 2009. Mrs. Dibb seconded. Motion unanimously passed.

Mr. Becker moved to accept the executive session minutes from July 13, 2009. Mrs. Dibb seconded. Motion unanimously passed.

Minutes from April 21, 2009 held until Mr. Clark is present

Joe Oliva, Mike Fassett, Matt Leahey, John Leahy, Tom Oliva presented a proposal to run a basketball tournament in late August or early September. Joe, Mike, and Matt would like to make improvements to the court before the tournament with donated labor and materials. They would like to use the money raised from the tournament to make further improvements to the basketball court. Discussion of whether to run the tournament through the Recreation Dept. or as a private undertaking. Next steps: The Selectmen’s office will contact MIAA to ensure all liability concerns are addressed. Matt Leahey will be updated with this information once it is obtained. Agreement was reached for the group to raise funds as a private group, purchase new equipment, then gift these items to the Town of Rutland.

Tom Ruchala and Joe Becker presented Mr. David Root with retirement recognition. Mr. Root retired from the Rutland Fire Department after 51 years of dedicated service.


  • Chief Ruchala submitted various thank you notes received
  • Chief Ruchala reported that Engine 1 is still being repaired
  • The Cell Tower discussions are still pending
  • Chief Ruchala will be making a presentation on September 3rd to the Franklin County Municipal Regional Shared Services Conference. RE: regional dispatch
Mr. Becker asked Chief Ruchala, Chief Baril, and Gary Kellaher their opinions on shutting off lights on the right side of Naquag Elementary School and along the street connecting Naquag Elementary to Central Tree Middle School. Mr. Becker stated he was contacted by Peter Brennan from the WRSD stating the Town had 2 options (1) take over operational expense for the lights estimated at $4,000 annually (2) agree that they be turned off. Chief Ruchala, Chief Baril, and Gary Kellaher expressed no concerns in turning the lights off. Mr. Becker made a motion to send a response letter to Peter Brennan with a copy to Tom Smith at National Grid agreeing to turn the lights off. Mrs. Dibb seconded. Motion unanimously passed.


  • Chief Baril updated the board that police vehicle maintenance by the DPW has been working well. A police account at NAPA has been opened.
  • The new cruiser should be ready by the end of August. The trade in has been turned into MHQ already.
  • Chief Baril stated that Rutland was not approved for grant funding for additional police officers.
  • 75 helmets bicycle helmets have been received by the PD and will be distributed to residents.
  • No Community Policing grants are available in FY 2010.
  • Chief Baril will be on vacation next week (starting 8/16/09).
  • Mrs. Dibb asked the Chief if Rutland took part in the recent ‘Click It Or Ticket’ program. Citing staffing constraints, the Chief responded Rutland PD did not take part but could look to in the future.

  • Mr. Kellaher reported that he does not recommend any revisions to the School Building Maintenance Agreement with WRSD. The Board will follow-up with Peter Brennan based on this information.
  • Mr. Becker asked Mr. Kellaher about the energy audit results and requested a few things be done based on the study (1) that programmable thermostats be changed from 65 degree set backs to 55 degrees (2) to investigate if the furnace in the Primary Building could be fitted to the Community Hall and at what cost (3) to investigate insulating heating pipes in town buildings.
  • Memo from DEP regarding approval of the landfill monitoring plan.
  • Mr. Kellaher received three bids for stump removal in the Brunell Development. Mrs. Dibb moved to accept the low bid from Ajax Tree for $2,200. Mr. Becker seconded. Motion unanimously passed.
  • Mr. Kellaher presented two Chapter 90 Project requests for Central Tree Road and Prescott Street. Mr. Becker moved to sign the Chapter 90 request forms for Central Tree Road and Prescott Street. Mrs. Dibb seconded. Motion unanimously passed. Projects are slated to start in mid-September.
  • Mr. Kellaher provided a FEMA / ice storm clean-up status report. The department rented a front loader from June 1, 2009 through July 24, 2009. The loader cost, labor cost, overtime cost, and administrative cost totaled $62,163.14. The 75% reimbursement expected is $46,622.36. 39,000 cubic yards of debris was collected and will be removed free of charge. The Board congratulated DPW and other departments for a job well done.
  • Update on Sassawanna. Mr. Kellaher reported that he has obtained 300 feet of free granite that will be used to create a berm at the trouble spot on Sassawanna.
  • The DPW lease vehicle is ready and Mr. Kellaher suggested donating the Explorer to the Cancer Research Society.
  • Mrs. Dibb asked if there have been any updates regarding the Rail Trail. Mr. Kellaher responded that there have not been any new developments. It was agreed that DPW will perform any short-term fixes necessary this year and look towards starting the long-term maintenance when other DPW maintenance issues are caught up on.
  • Mr. Becker asked about the maintenance work completed on the water tank. Mr. Kellaher explained the epoxy injections have started and that the annual scuba cleaning has been completed.
  • Mr. Becker made a motion to increase water and sewer demand fees from $5 to $25 dollars. Mrs. Dibb seconded. Discussion ensued. Mr. Becker Yea, Mrs. Dibb Yea, Ms. Bulger Nea. Motion carried.
Mrs. Dibb asked Mr. Kellaher if a water ban has been discussed. Mr. Kellaher responded that this has not been discussed to date based on water levels.

Open Session:

  • Mr. Addison Redfield raised three issues:
  • (1) Cable Committee needs a computer to run some new equipment and asked if the town has a used computer with XP that could be used. Mr. Becker said he will ask Horace Moody if there was a machine that could be used as well as any related expense to prepare the machine and report back to him.
  • (2) Mr. Redfield requested if a programmable thermostat could be purchased for the Wood’s Studio. Mr. Kellaher will look to see if the special article is still open. If it is closed, one can be purchased from Wood House supplies line item.
  • (3) Mr. Redfield expressed concern about speeding at the intersection of Glenwood and Campbell. He said he has talked with Chief Baril, but to date he has not seen any additional police presence/monitoring of the area. Mrs. Dibb will talked with Chief Baril about the possibility of him putting in a couple hours of speed patrol throughout the town each day.

  • Jonny Suire has expressed his wishes not to extend his term as a member of the Cable Advisory Committee.
  • Memo from CMRPC about the need to appoint an alternate representative from Rutland to CMRPC. Dick Williams suggested Lester Grace be appointed. Mr. Grace was present and agreed to the appointment. Mr. Becker moved to appoint Mr. Grace as alternate to the CMRPC. Mrs. Dibb seconded. Motion unanimously passed. BOS office to update CMRPC of the new appointment.
New Business:

  • Quiet
Old Business:

  • Quiet
7:55pm - Mrs. Dibb made a motion to move into executive session for reason #3 only to return to open session for the purpose of adjournment. Mr. Becker seconded. Mrs. Dibb Yea, Mr. Becker Yea, Ms. Bulger Yea.

8:30pm - Mr. Becker made a motion to adjourn, Mrs. Dibb seconded. Motion unanimously passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joseph Becker
Board of Selectmen, Clerk

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