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Board of Selectmen
June 29, 2009
Community Hall Annex
6:00 pm

Present:  Leroy C. Clark – Chairman, Cherilyn A. Bulger – Vice Chairman, Sheila H. Dibb and Nancy M. Macaruso, Secretary.  Joseph R. Becker was absent.

Mrs. Dibb moved to sign Warrant # 27 Police, Fire, DPW payrolls, etc.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.

DPW:  Superintendent Kellaher informed the Board that he recently had a request seeking permission to use a rowboat in Putnam Park – he will look into further.  
He also has received a petition from Bushy Lane residents requesting their road be paved.  Some discussion on cost, other alternatives and use of Chapter 90 monies.  Other roads are already on the list for Chapter 90 money and there is not enough to do Bushy Lane.  Mr. Kellaher will speak to residents and report back to Selectmen.
Regarding the opening of the pool and the Rutland Little League field, Superintendent Kellaher requested/suggested waiving the fee to turn the water on and off seasonally.  Mrs. Dibb moved to waive the fee per the Superintendent’s recommendation.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous. It will be voted on year to year.
David Dolan contacted Mr. Kellaher to close down Ware Road due to dumping of trash, four wheelers, etc.  Closing the road has been done in the past.  DCR will not close it down.
Awarding of bids:  Mrs. Dibb moved to award the bids per the Superintendent’s recommendation for gas, diesel, #2 fuel oil, process chemicals, road maintenance construction, and various road materials per the attached sheets.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Regarding the stump removal on Richards Avenue, Brunelle Drive and Marjorie Lane, Mr. Kellaher suggested attaining verbal quotes.  He feels liability may be an issue if town personnel were to complete the job plus we do not have manpower.  He will also look into other forms of removal per Mrs. Dibb’s suggestion.
Brush:  The website and the cable access channel will announce that brush may be dropped off until the end of July.


FIRE:  Chief Ruchala inquired as to the status of the hiring freeze as he is in need of Dispatch personnel.  Lengthy discussion on this including the Supervisor’s position.  Mrs. Dibb moved to suspend the hiring freeze for Dispatch (one full-timer and open ended part-timers).  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote 2 to 1 with Chairman Clark in the negative.  Chairman Clark requested the consideration of using the staff who have recently had hours reduced.
Chief Ruchala also informed the Board of the need to hire a Firefighter/EMT (a position that is already in the budget).  Some discussion.  Mrs. Dibb moved to suspend the hiring freeze for a Firefighter/EMT.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Position will be posted.
Discussion on union meeting – suggested dates are July 20, 21, 22.  The Chief will address.
Letter from Charter Communications – Mrs. Dibb suggested contacting legislators and offer support for the Municipal Relief Package.
Letter from Melanie Palmer seeking a seat on the Council on Aging when one becomes available.
Letter from Harry Johnson, Building Inspector, that the Trustees of Reservation have inquired about getting a demolition permit for the Holbrook House.
Letter from a resident expressing support for a ban on outdoor wood furnaces from
April 1st to October 1st.

Mrs. Dibb moved to sign the wage/salary certification.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Mrs. Dibb moved to sign the interdepartmental transfer from Primary Building Purchased Services to Legal Account for Legal fees.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Mrs. Dibb moved to sign the interdepartmental transfer from Primary Building Purchased Services, Old Library Purchased Services, Community Hall Purchased Services and Stormwater Management to Police Wage Account.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.

Reappointments for fiscal year 2010.  Mrs. Dibb moved to approve the reappointment list as presented (attached) with the exception of #38 (Leroy Clark, Assistant Animal Inspector).  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Mrs. Dibb moved to appoint Mr. Clark as Assistant Animal Inspector.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Mrs. Dibb aye, Ms. Bulger aye, Mr. Clark abstained.
Letter concerning the Charter Communications restructuring.  Mrs. Dibb moved taking no action.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Mrs. Dibb aye, Ms. Bulger aye, Mr. Clark abstained.
Conservation Restriction agreements from last meeting (Moose Crossing, Fieldstone Estates, Hillcrest Estates).  Norman Anderson explained the process – to reduce infrastructure and preserve land.  The builder writes it, Planning Board and Conservation Commission review it and then it goes to Boston for signature.  It does not have to go to Town Meeting.  Mr. Anderson, per Town Counsel, feels it should move forward and the Board should sign and send to Town Counsel for review.  The packet cannot be signed because it is not an original document (no raised seal).  Mr. Anderson will inquire as to the whereabouts of the original.
Regarding a letter from the last meeting from Mass Development concerning Jordan Farm, Mr. Anderson has no concerns.

Mrs. Dibb moved to accept the resignation of Joyce McGuinness, Assessor.  Ms. Bulger seconded for discussion.  Vote unanimous.
7 pm – Continuation of road hearing (Blair roads).  Hearing continued to July 27, 2009 per the request of Mr. Blair.  Norman Anderson, Planning Board, suggested continuing until the end of August.  Hearing continued to July 27, 2009.
Michele Van Reet, COA, informed the Board that member Bruce Jarvis will be resigning.  She has a few people interested and would like to advertise over the summer.  Chairman Clark told her to get the resignation letter first before going any further.

Ms. Bulger moved to adjourn.  Mrs. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.  The meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy M. Macaruso, Secretary
Board of Selectmen

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