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Board of Selectmen
May 18, 2009
Community Hall Annex
6:00 pm

Present:  Leroy C. Clark – Chairman, Cherilyn A. Bulger – Vice Chairman, Douglas C. Briggs, Sheila H. Dibb, Joseph R. Becker – Clerk.

Ms. Bulger moved to sign Warrant # 24 Police, Fire, DPW payrolls, etc.  Mr. Becker seconded.  Vote unanimous.

Mr. Briggs moved to accept the minutes from March 26, 2009.  Mr. Becker seconded.  Mr. Clark abstained – vote unanimous.

DPW:  DPW Superintendent, Gary Kellaher was absent.

POLICE:  Chief Baril stated that he filed a helmet grant last week for 75 helmets.

FIRE:  Chief Ruchala stated that an employee left last week leaving a vacancy.  Mr. Becker reminded the Chief of a hiring freeze and suggested he maintain the freeze until we know what the budget is.  Chief Ruchala said he cannot operate being short two people and needs several weeks for the hiring process anyway.  The decision was to move forward with the candidate search “subject to funding” without any hiring until Board of Selectmen approval.

Interdepartmental Transfers:  
Assessor:  Assessor’s office submitted a transfer for $484.40 from Account # 5400 to
# 5700.  Mr. Becker moved not to sign (all conferences were eliminated).  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.
DPW:  Mr. Briggs moved to sign the transfer for $4,000.00 from Account # 421-5130 to # 132-5700.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.
BOS:  Mr. Briggs moved to sign the transfer for $4,900.00 from Account # 192-5200 to # 151-5200.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Treasurer/Collector:  Mr. Briggs moved to sign the transfer for $6,332.42 from Account # 001-914-5100-000 to # 001-916-5100-000.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.

Letter from James Gettens re:  WRSD administrative payroll.  Mr. Becker stated that it was good information, if verified, for budget debate.  Ms. Bulger feels it should be taken with a grain of salt because job descriptions are not included and the information should be verified.

  • Charter Communications - $10,000.00 check PEGS funding.  Mr. Becker would like an update of plans.  Mr. Redfield of the Cable Advisory Committee stated that they are meeting Wednesday and hope to have bids for new equipment and possibly hire a person to tape all Selectmen’s meetings.
  • Recreation memo – WSI Aide job description; salary grade/step.  Mr. Becker moved to accept the WSI Aide job description as presented at grade 5.  Mr. Briggs seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Mr. Briggs discussed the shortfall the library has on utilities.  There is a $4,000 shortfall now with $2,000 more anticipated as a shortfall for the rest of the year.  Mr. Becker would like to consider the excess funds from other public buildings ($4,000) and refer to the Finance Committee for the remaining $2,000.  Mr. Briggs suggested having the accountant send a letter to the library informing them that they are short funded and need to address the situation.

Dick Williams re: DEP Consent Order at Glenwood Elementary.  After 1.5 inches of rain, there are two areas that Mr. Williams will clean out and in a couple of weeks he will come back to the Board with the “all okay” to refer back to the DEP.

Karen Way:  There are ongoing issues and Mr. Becker suggested inviting Mr. Paul Hubert and Rick Travers, Assistant Building Inspector and Harry Johnson, Building Commissioner to get a full understanding of the issues as well as options for correction of issues.  Mr. Briggs informed the Board that there are two existing issues:  1. burning furnaces and 2. business being operated on the street.  Nathan Locke of the Board of Health told Mr. Briggs that the Board of Health is considering a burning season and other regulations.  A letter will be sent inviting Mr. Hubert, Mr. Travers, Mr. Johnson, Mr. McPherson, Mr. Perkins and Mr. Anderson to the next Selectmen’s meeting to address Karen Way issues regarding residential businesses.

7 pm – Public Hearing (Laying Out of Roads)
Wildbrook Drive /  Pleasantdale Estates
Planning Board and DPW both disapprove.  Clea Blair, Jr. stated that he and DPW Superintendent, Gary Kellaher, met last Friday and to his knowledge there were no issues with Pleasantdale Estates.  Matt Ehrenworth, 10 Carly Circle, asked several questions regarding the ownership and acceptance process.  Clea Blair, Jr. asked to continue the hearing for further discussion.  Mr. Briggs suggested continuing the hearing to June 29, 2009 with possible acceptance in September.  Mr. Becker seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Heritage Hill Drive / Hawthorne Estates:  Mr. Briggs moved to continue to June 29, 2009.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.
John Robert Drive, William Circle, Jonathan Circle, Julie Ann Circle, Nick Alan Circle, Kalloch Drive, Vanessa Circle, Mary Way, Olivia Lane, Carly Circle, Jackson Avenue:  Several residents spoke on different issues regarding these streets:  drainage system, stop sign issue at intersection at Kalloch, missing street signs, additional houses on common land and clean up of common land, clean up of un-built lots, trail ownership, line painting, etc.  Mr. Briggs moved to continue to June 29, 2009.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Hearing closed at 7:30.

Mr. Briggs moved to adjourn.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.  The meeting adjourned at 7:31 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph R. Becker, Clerk
Board of Selectmen

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