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November 3, 2008
Board of Selectmen
November 3, 2008
Community Hall Annex
6:00 p.m.

Present:  Joseph R. Becker – Chairman, Leroy C. Clark - Vice Chairman, Douglas C. Briggs, Cherilyn A. Bulger and Nancy M. Macaruso, Secretary.  Sheila Dibb arrived at 6:05 p.m.

Mr. Clark moved to sign Treasury Warrant #10.  Mr. Briggs seconded.  Vote unanimous.

Minutes:  Mr. Briggs moved to accept the minutes of October 20, 2008.  Mr. Clark seconded.  Vote unanimous.  

Winterizing the primary building (blowing out the lines, antifreeze in the boiler, leave electricity on for the sump pump) etc. was moved by Mr. Briggs.  Mr. Clark seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Mr. MacCallum, interim superintendent, would like the board’s approval for extra help during snow storms for plowing.  Mr. Briggs moved the hiring of extra help for plowing during snow storms.  Mrs. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Mr. MacCallum respectfully recommended the hiring Robert Salvador as a water operator at a DPW 3, Step 2.  He currently has a D2 license.  Lengthy discussion.  Mr. Briggs moved the recommendation of Robert Salvador subject to receiving a T2 license within six months and a clean CORI check.  Mrs. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.
Mr. MacCallum would like to fix a catch basin at the public safety building and stated that he was informed that there is an existing by-law stating that the Selectmen had jurisdiction over it.  Mr. Briggs feels the by-law needs updating and the Board will look into it.  Mr. MacCallum will repair the catch basin.
Regarding vehicle inspection stickers, Mr. MacCallum informed the Board that it will be a cost savings to the town to use a mobile service rather than a garage because of state laws that changed October 1st.  Chairman Becker asked the department heads coordinate a date for all vehicles to be inspected by the mobile company.
Chairman Becker questioned Mr. MacCallum on a pothole complaint received in this office and forwarded to DPW.  The pothole has been repaired.  Mrs. O’Brien will forward to the town’s insurance company.
Letter from resident regarding tree/root problems in the Brunelle West subdivision.  The trees have shallow root systems and are coming up through the asphalt and lawns.  Mr. MacCallum explained that some of the roots go as far as residents’ foundations.  Ms. Bulger will speak to the developer about the possibility of working together to alleviate the problem and report the feedback at the next meeting.  Mr. Williams informed the Board that the Planning Board has since set requirements regarding trees.  Mr. MacCallum will inquire with a local nursery to see if they would take the trees.
Line painting is complete and catch basin cleaning has begun.  He is working to get a better price on thermostats.  Some discussion on the Route 68 project.

Chief Baril announced that his department has received an AAA commendation.  He informed the Board that no incidents were reported on Halloween.
Mr. Clark questioned the Chief regarding parking problems on the driveway between Naquag and Central Tree.  The Chief replied that it is well posted and it’s an ongoing problem because of sporting events.  People do move their cars when a cruiser rides through.  Ticketing is useless because there is no monetary value attached.  He will keep an eye on the problem.

Chief Ruchala informed the Board of a regional meeting he’ll be attending.  He recently attended a shared services meeting – the next meeting is November 24, 2008.  He met with Thomas Dufault regarding the cell tower on Friday and will also be meeting with Mr. Tivnan tomorrow at 10 am on the RFP.  Hubbardston Dispatch is moving forward.

Representative Evangelidis was holding office hours and briefly addressed the Board with recent legislative updates.

Karen Goolsky, Recreation Director, recommended Katelyn Wojnarowicz who is currently the Safe Place Coordinator to be named as the Safe Place Administrator.  Mr. Briggs and Mr. Becker would like to wait and add both positions to the salary survey which will be done soon to decide if there is a need for change.  Discussion on the possibility of splitting the two departments.  Will remain as is for now.

7:25 – Cheryl Anderson from X Power Square, a 3-phase electrical conditioning system, gave a presentation and asked the Board to consider using her company’s product as a possible savings in electricity to the Town.  The Board will review her paperwork.

7:36 – Colleen Cipro – representative to Wachusett Regional School Committee, informed the Board about the district’s hiring of “Energy Management Systems” to identify ways to conserve energy in all district schools.

7:40 – Town Counsel, Paul Cranston – to discuss the DCR letter on the unsigned sewer use agreement.  Discussion on the suggested meeting dates and whether Worcester should be included.  Attorney Cranston would like an agenda prepared before the meeting and Chairman Becker asked everyone to jot their thoughts down – they both would also like Worcester included, Mrs. Dibb disagreed with the inclusion of Worcester.  Lengthy discussion on allotment levels, line ownership and the repair work contract with MWRA.
Mr. Becker will contact John Scannell at DCR to discuss a meeting date – he would also like the entire Board present so he will discuss the possibility of an evening meeting.

Sewer moratorium – public hearing for extension of the sewer moratorium will be held November 12, 2008 – the last hearing was November 13, 2007.  Attorney Cranston explained that the original may be extending by tailoring it to current conditions and will draft the motion as well.
Administrative Consent Order on the wetlands at Glenwood Elementary School – Mr. Becker does not want to hire a wetlands specialist.  Mr. Briggs feels the town DPW employees could do the work, use the bond money ($2,500) to pay for it and we should send a letter stating so – they could inspect when the work is complete.  Kurt Leslie informed Attorney Cranston that the work should take no more than a day.  Lengthy discussion.  Mr. Briggs moved to send a letter to DEP stating that the work will be done by September 1, 2009 per the conditions agreed upon and they are welcome to inspect when complete / cc to Senator Brewer and Rep. Evangelidis.  Mr. Clark seconded.  Briggs aye, Becker aye, Clark aye, Dibb nay, Bulger nay.  Motion carried 3-2.  Attorney Cranston will draft letter.  Attorney Cranston advised to wait on the work until response
from letter.

8:40 p.m. - Mr. Briggs moved to go into Executive Session for Reason #3 and reconvene in open session for further business and adjournment.  Mrs. Dibb seconded.  Briggs aye, Dibb aye, Bulger aye, Clark aye, Becker aye.

Letter from Vincent Couming (Eagle Scout candidate) outlining the scope of his project which is restoring the nature trail between Naquag Elementary School and Central Tree Middle School.  Mr. Briggs moved to accept the project proposal.  Mrs. Dibb seconded.  Mr. Briggs informed the Board that this should be approved by the District as well.  Vote unanimous.  A letter will be sent to Vincent telling him of the Board’s approval and also informing him that his packet will be forwarded to the District office for their approval as well.

Regarding the Annual Town Report’s request for proposals, Mr. Becker will speak to Mrs. O’Brien on the specifics.
Mr. Becker informed the Board that setting criteria for job classifications should go out to bid since it is over $5000 and we should be getting three bids.  The Town Administrator job will be included.

The Board is holding off on the road dedication.
Kang Associates – Mr. Becker sent her an email after the special town meeting explaining the outcome, but he would like an official letter sent.  Mr. Briggs moved sending the letter thanking her for her input.  Mr. Clark seconded.  Vote unanimous.

Mr. Briggs moved to adjourn.  Mr. Clark seconded.  Vote unanimous.  The meeting adjourned at 10:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy M. Macaruso, Secretary
Board of Selectmen

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