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February 23, 2008
Board of Selectmen
February 23, 2008
8:00 AM at Primary School Building

Present:   Don D’Auteuil, Leroy Clark, Doug Briggs, Joseph Becker, Carl Christianson

Via Phone: Sheila Dibb (called at 8:30 AM)

Guest: Jim DiNoia, (DiNoia Associates)
Meeting called to order at: 8:00 AM

Purpose of meeting was to discuss questions asked by Jim DiNoia regarding the design/layout of the Primary Building.

Mr. DiNoia explained he wanted to understand the arrangement of the rooms in the building with regard to how various departments and boards need to work and communicate with each other. Mr. DiNoia explained he normally puts a ‘program’ together in order to determine the function and action of each group occupying the building. This information helps determine things such as the room layout, electrical component placement, furniture placement, and heating and cooling requirements. He explained he does this by interviewing each department to understand their tasks, duties, and functions.

Discussion ensued and the Board agreed to have Mr. DiNoia meet with and interview each Department and Board which may be occupying the building. Mr. Clark will work with and accompany Mr. DiNoia on these interviews.

Mr. Becker question Mr. DiNoia on accessibility to the building regarding handicap access, specifically elevator requirements. Mr. Becker expressed concern that he did not want to leave any room for question or risk that the building was not accessible to all people. Mr. DiNoia explained that if the upper level was to be used a stair well lift would suffice. Discussion ensued about how the extent of renovations impacts the requirement to have an elevator or not. Mr. Becker asked that an elevator be included in the design. Mr. Briggs agreed and stated that if needed the plan could be divided into phases.

The Board discussed stopping all work on the building until after the program is complete. Mr. DiNoia explained that he has some concerns about some duct work and depending how rooms are divided, it may have to be reviewed to determine if additional electronic controls and/or dampers may need to be installed to regulate room temperatures. Mr. DiNoia stated that most fire and electrical work looks to be in good shape. He also stated that the finish work, specifically in the hallway areas still needs to be nailed down.

Mr. Becker asked Mr. DiNoia to provide the board with his cost of services based on the discussions that have been had. Mr. DiNoia said he will provide his cost as well as provide a cost breakdown on the project. He said he will develop a scope of work and a budget for each type of work that needs to be done. Mr. DiNoia suggested this information could be used to have discussions with the various sub contractors that have been involved in the project in order to help them determine if their work can be completed by them for the budgeted amount.

Mr. Briggs made a motion to stop all demolition and construction work on the Primary Building until the program research and design by Mr. DiNoia is complete. Mr. Clark seconded. Vote Unanimous.

Mr. Briggs moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 am
Mr. Clark seconded.  Vote was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph Becker

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