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June 30, 2008
Board of Selectmen
June 30, 2008
Community Hall Annex
6:00 p.m.

Present:  Leroy C. Clark, Vice Chairman, Douglas C. Briggs, Cherilyn A. Bulger and Nancy M. Macaruso, Secretary.  Sheila Dibb arrived at 6:20 pm.

Treasury Warrant #27 & Warrant #1, Police, Fire, DPW payrolls were signed.

Minutes:  Mr. Briggs suggested holding the acceptance of all minutes until the full Board was present.

James McCallum, Interim Superintendent, requested the Board to award bids (attached) per his recommendation.  Mr. Briggs moved the recommendation of the interim Superintendent to award the bids per the attached sheets.  Mr. Clark seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Since there were no bids for No. 2 Fuel Oil, it will be taken under advisement until the next meeting as well as the L.P. Gas.

Mr. McCallum informed the Board that a pre-construction meeting on the inflow/infiltration repair was held and will start on July 7, 2008.

Mr. Briggs asked Mr. McCallum how his first two weeks have been to which he responded that things were going well.

POLICE:  (absent)

FIRE:  (quiet)
Mr. Clark asked the Chief if the ambulance was broken down – the Chief answered that it was and that they are using one from Oakham until ours gets fixed.  The new ambulance should be ready in approximately three weeks.  Chief Ruchala stated that he spoke to Verizon regarding the cell tower and informed them that the flagpole idea introduced recently was unacceptable, so they will look at other options.  Mr. Briggs asked Chief Ruchala if his department was ready for the July 4th festivities.  The Chief stated that they were.

Sheila Lumi, WIC Community Coordinator for the North Central area, introduced herself and informed the Board about the services offered for the Women, Infant & Children’s Program located in Barre which is federal and state funded.  She would like to get the information out to the public through town bulletin boards, cable access station and possibly having a booth at the chowder challenge.

6:30 pm – Public Hearing – Rutland Pizza
Mr. Clark asked if anyone was present for the hearing.  Henry Raphaelson introduced himself as the attorney representing Mr. Hatzopoulos who stated that he would be opening in approximately three weeks.  Mr. Clark closed the hearing.  Mr. Briggs moved to sign the Common Victualer’s License for Rutland Pizza pending receipt of Workers’ Compensation Insurance.  Mrs. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.

6:45 pm – Public Hearing – All Alcohol License (Tavern on the Common)
Mr. Clark asked if anyone was present for the hearing.  Attorney Kiritsy represented Joel Blair who will be the manager.  Mr. Clark closed the hearing.  Mr. Briggs moved to sign the All Alcohol – Restaurant license.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.


Mr. Becker received an email from the recreation director who has been contacted by a doctor regarding holding a free medical clinic in Rutland.  Mr. Briggs suggested seeking advice from Town Counsel as well as MIIA (the town’s insurance company).

Mr. Briggs moved to sign the School Age Child Care license for The Club House at Glenwood Elementary School.  Ms. Bulger seconded.  Vote unanimous.

Mrs. Dibb informed the Board that she had been approached by a resident about possibility of the Town hosting a grant writing workshop.  Some discussion.  
She will do some more research and bring it before the Board at the next meeting.

Mr. Clark announced that the Shared Services Committee will be holding its next meeting on July 14, 2008 at 6:30 pm in West Boylston.

Mrs. Dibb moved to hold the check to General Mechanical Contractors for work done at Glenwood Elementary School.  She feels that it should be paid by Fontaine Brothers.  Ms. Bulger seconded for discussion.  Lengthy discussion.  Mrs. Dibb, aye – Ms. Bulger, aye – Mr. Briggs, aye – Mr. Clark, aye.  Motion failed.

Mr. Clark asked the other Board members for names of individuals interested in serving on the DPW Superintendent search committee.  It will be placed on the next Selectmen’s meeting agenda (July 14, 2008).  

Mr. Briggs moved to adjourn.  Mrs. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.  The meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy M. Macaruso, Secretary
Board of Selectmen

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