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August 13, 2007
                                       Board of Selectmen
August 13, 2007
Community Hall Annex
6:00 p.m.

Present:  Donald R. D’Auteuil, Douglas C. Briggs, Leroy Clark, Joseph Becker, Sheila Dibb and Nancy M. Macaruso, Secretary.

Treasury Warrant #4, Police, Fire, DPW payrolls were signed.

Minutes:  Ms. Dibb would like to amend the minutes of July 30, 2007.  She would like the minutes to state that she requested to be notified of any extreme situations and/or major mutual aid concerning the Fire Department.  Mr. Clark moved to accept the minutes with corrections.  Ms. Dibb seconded.  All aye with Mr. Briggs abstaining.


DPW Superintendent has nothing for the Board.  Mr. Clark asked Mr. Christianson if he felt overwhelmed to which Carl responded yes and then some.  He stated that there’s not enough help or money.  Mr. Becker feels that this should be addressed when leading up to budget time.
Ms. Dibb questioned Mr. Christianson on the crosswalk painting to which Mr. Christianson stated that it is bid out and the town roads should be done by August 30th.  She questioned him on the State road crosswalks.  He stated that she could contact the State but they follow federal guidelines and does not know the State schedule.  Mr. Briggs stated that the crosswalks on State roads do not meet federal guidelines because of their location.  Ms. Dibb will draft a letter to Mass Highway requesting the lines be painted prior to August 31st.  
Mr. Christianson stated that Steve Wallace from Central Mass Regional Planning is coming to the next Selectmen’s meeting to brief the Board on the build-out analysis.  He also stated that the I & I Report should be in a few weeks.
Mr. Clark questioned the DPW Superintendent about possibly getting a “warning” sign near the DCR boat ramp on Pleasantdale Road.  Mr. Christianson will look into it.

Chief Baril recommended the hiring of Nicholas A. Monaco as a new full-time police officer effective today but a start date of Labor Day.  Mr. Briggs moved the recommendation of the police chief.  Ms. Dibb seconded.  Vote unanimous.  Chief Baril stated that the Senior cookout on August 11th was well attended.  The Chief stated that he has a deficit in his Quinn bill account.  Mr. Becker explained that the Quinn bill (which is reimbursed by the state 50%) was reduced because of calculations from the cherry sheet.
He reported a minor cruiser accident with a deer resulting in approximately $1,000 in cosmetic damage.  He also stated that his department is extremely busy with many investigations which are ongoing.  Chief Baril will be on vacation the last week in August and will not be present at the next meeting.  Mr. Clark questioned both Chiefs Baril and Ruchala concerning the recent barn fires to which each Chief responded that they cannot comment publicly due to ongoing investigations.  Mr. Clark would like to somehow notify and alert residents of the recent fires.  Chairman D’Auteuil stated that maybe the T&G and the Landmark could mention the rash of recent fires in their respective newspapers.

Chief Ruchala stated that the Chowder Challenge is Sunday, August 19th.  He will also be away August 22 – 27 for the International Chiefs Conference in Georgia and will not be present for the next meeting.  Mr. Becker asked the Chief how the conference was being paid for to which the Chief responded that he is paying for it himself.  Mr. Becker commended him for his generosity on behalf of the Town.  He announced that a 10-minute ceremony will take place outside the Fire Station at 9:45 in remembrance of September 11th.   Chief Ruchala has scheduled an ICS class in Rutland for two days in September with MEMA which he and Chief Baril are planning to attend.  He will also set up and run classes in house for Town employees.
Chief Ruchala has hired FF/EMT-Basic Stanley Andriski to replace David Gambino and now has one medic position left to fill.  The Chief stated that he has received the VFIS policy renewal and is up to approximately $24,000 ($4,000 +/- more than last year).  He made adjustments to bring the premium down.  He will be asking for the additional money in the Fall to bring the policy up to the full amounts.
Chief Ruchala informed the Board about a recent barn fire in Holden which they offered mutual aid.  He also stated that the new tanker will be here tomorrow and that the second truck is 3-4 months behind schedule.

Ed Seidler – He presented a fee schedule (attached) as sealer of weights and measures.  He stated that the State mandated fees are 50-60 years old.  Mr. Becker is not comfortable implementing a fee schedule where the town would be collecting more money than it costs to provide the service.  He would rather see a fee structure that covers the cost of the service provided so as to be fair to the businesses in town.  Mr. Seidler will start work as soon as he gets approval for the fees.  Lengthy discussion ensued.  Mr. Briggs moved to accept the fees as presented.  Mr. Clark seconded.  All aye with Mr. Becker no.
Mr. Williams, as a private citizen, questioned the Board on the ADA requirements the Building Inspector was supposed to address regarding Rutland Pharmacy’s ramp.  He also asked the Selectmen to look into the number of unregistered cars being kept in Town.  Mr. Becker thanked Mr. Williams for passing the information along, but to please have the complainant contact the Selectmen directly either by mail or phone call.

Letter from DCR re:  Rutland Holden Trunk Sewer Flow – Mr. Briggs, Ms. Dibb and Mr. Becker feel the Board should take a pro-active approach by contacting DCR and opening up the lines of communication.  Attorney Cranston agreed and feels the Board took the appropriate action two weeks ago by signing the two sewer/water permits and protecting the Town from possible litigation by the two applicants.   Mr. Briggs would eventually like to have a discussion among the Board members to decide on a game plan concerning the Rutland sewers but for the time being, to get a meeting set up with DCR.  Mr. Cornacchioli commended the Board for the action taken on the two permits.  A letter will be sent to DCR requesting a meeting.  Mr. Becker would like Town Counsel to review it before it’s sent.
Town Counsel presented a letter he drafted to be included with approved sewer system extension permits which informs the applicant that the approval of the application in no way guarantees their future use/hook up to the sewer system as there may be future moratoriums or court orders and that most sewer extension permits require additional approval procedures with the DEP prior to final approval.
Regarding a request for copies of public records by Iron Workers Local 7 (David Paquette) on the Glenwood Elementary School, Attorney Cranston will contact him to question him on exactly what he is seeking.  In the meantime, Mrs. O’Brien will gather any information kept in her office relative to the request.
Chairman D’Auteuil will send letters to Representative Evangelidis and Senator Brewer strongly opposing H.2531 (Minimum Manning Bill for Firefighters).
Nashua River Watershed Association sent a letter to set up a time to discuss with the Selectmen their GIS model to identify priority properties in Rutland regarding surface and ground water supplies/protection.
Chairman D’Auteuil introduced Municipal Fact Sheets from DEP designed to assist communities in improving and maintaining their environmental compliance.  Mr. Briggs requested they be forwarded to respective departments.
The Animal Control Officer sent a letter requesting a hearing on a dog complaint.  Mr. Briggs moved to set a hearing on September 10th unless the owner complies with the Animal Control Officer.  Mr. Becker seconded.  Vote unanimous.  A letter will be sent to the owner stating that a hearing will be set up for September 10, 2007, but will be canceled if an agreement is reached between the Animal Control Officer and the dog’s owner to properly restrain the dog from running loose.

Mr. Briggs stated that he was not happy with the debris on the trails that was left after the logging was done at Putnam Park.
Ms. Dibb wanted to discuss the traffic pattern at Dunkin Donuts and Main Street.  She suggested a sign restricting left turns when exiting Dunkin Donuts.  Discussion ensued.  Chief Baril mentioned that it is a state highway and there may be issues with the state.  He also stated that he cannot recall any accidents other than a “fender bender” in the parking lot.
Landscaping on Mass Highway islands was brought up by Ms. Dibb.  She stated that Mass Highway has an adoptive visibility program dealing with this and she would look for local businesses/organizations to maintain/beautify the islands. In turn the business could put their sign on the island. Mr. Briggs moved the island beautification project.  Mr. Becker seconded.  Vote unanimous.

Town Counsel will email Katelyn Wojnarowicz his changes to the Safe Place handbook.
Florabunda Common Victualler – The Board stated that the owners went to the Planning Board for approval and were told they did not qualify for major home occupation but did qualify for home occupation.  Attorney Cranston stated that the owners were eligible for a Common Victualler’s License in a residential neighborhood under home occupation.  
Ms. Dibb presented more information on “Read for the Record”.  She would like a letter sent from the Board to local businesses, schools, libraries, etc. encouraging their participation.  Mr. Clark disagreed wholeheartedly.  Mr. Becker moved that the Town take no organizational role in this, to send the letter encouraging participation, to have the Board review the letter before it’s sent out, to allow a press release and to announce it on the Board in the center of town.  Mr. Briggs seconded.  All aye with Mr. Clark, no.
Mr. Briggs questioned the Chairman about bills for Glenwood Elementary to which he replied that when Mr. Cornacchioli comes back from vacation a meeting will be set up with Mrs. O’Brien and the committee to discuss.
Mr. Briggs questioned the ongoing issue at the primary school.  Mr. D’Auteuil stated that a meeting will be taking place with several town departments for a walk through later this week.  After the walk through, the Board will meet to discuss the outcome concerning these departments. Mr. Briggs stated that several departments have concerns with safety and security, specifically with exiting into the parking lot at night.  Mr. Briggs suggested sending a letter to Father Jim Kerrigan at St. Patrick’s Church for the possible purchase of a piece of land to open up additional parking, lighting, etc.  Mr. D’Auteuil stated that he spoke to Fr. Jim who was not aware of any future plans for that land but that the Diocese would have to be contacted.  Mr. Briggs moved sending a letter to Fr. Jim inquiring whether or not they have any interest in selling the land.  Mr. Becker seconded.  All aye, with Mr. Clark, no.  Mr. Becker suggested continuing the discussion on the primary school at the next meeting, August 20th.

Mr. Briggs moved to adjourn.  Mr. Becker seconded.  Vote unanimous.
The meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy M. Macaruso, Secretary
Board of Selectmen

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